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Many people are learning about climate changes and want to do something, yet do not know how. You can support the Luz del Corazon Rainforest Nature preserve in many ways including volunteering, visiting or donating. SONY DSC

Finca Luz del Corazon  is currently offering  short term residential opportunities to get involved with our efforts of preserving  our earth’s precious rainforest and expand our sustainable living demonstration organic farm and permaculture project.

Join the team, share your talents, and multiply your skills. Be part of the magic of life in the rainforest!

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Luz del Corazon Sustainable Living Internship Program
1 week  – 6 months
The land has over 85 acres of pristine rainforest and exceptional views of Lake Nicaragua and Vulcan Miravalles to enjoy while taking in the toucans, eagles and orchids which thrive here. The current openings include work in these programs: maintenance and expansion of over 2000 tree tropical fruit orchard, greenhouse projects, field crop projects and animal husbandry (ducks and chickens so far). Projects in the planing stage are building a tilapia pond and hydroelectric pelton wheel system, animal waste methane collection system, alternative glass bottle home construction, and a self supporting off the grid organic lifestyle and education center. Come be a part of this expanding miracle (suggested donation of $20 daily for food and accommodations) Skills in carpentry, gardening and farming are appreciated. No Fear of spiders, bugs, snakes and jaguars required. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION HERE



Deepa is a highly skilled health care professional with decades of experience and holds credentials in Registered Nursing, Acupuncture, Herbology, Massage, Medical QiGong and diet therapies. IMG_1297She is delighted to host both personal and group healing retreats for general health, detoxification or disease specific work. She has worked as an associate professor at Universities, and She is currently a certified continuing education provider for many types and levels of care providers. This powerful combination of experience and certifications allows her to offer  group educational retreats on such diverse topics as Medical Spanish, Acupressure for Acute Care, Therapeutic Massage, Guided Visualization techniques, Resolving Traumatic Memories in  the body,  and much more. She can combine offerings to make your personal or group retreat just what you need, a combination of relaxation, learning, healing and personal growth.

It is also possible to create a retreat focused on personal healing using the wide variety of techniques and knowledge Deepa holds.  The healing retreats can be for individuals or a group, with similar health issues or varied ones.  These retreats can be held onsite at the farm, or at a combination  resorts and other areas to suit your needs.

Please call or email to make arrangements for your  group or personal retreat for healing, educational or mixed purposes. Please email me at  or call in the USA at  831-531-8349 to start the conversation.

2520This last year we have lost many trees due to heavy rains and are working on a few new Monkey bridges to help them get from the primary to the secondary rainforest and to access the springs. Donate to this program with the tab below.

th-1We also have a active reforestation program with multiple aspects. You can sponsor a square yard of rainforest for 100 US Dollars per year. This helps us pay for routine patrolling of  the area for poachers of birds, animals and plants as well as night patrols to keep hunters away from endangered jaguars, tapirs and agouti that all live in the rainforest on our land and the adjacent National Park. Sponsor your square yard of environmental heritage by donating with the tab below.


You can also sponsor the planting of native trees to expand the bridge forest from the primary to the secondary growth forest for a donation of  25 US Dollars per tree with the tab below.

11161_1144135285502_8350333_nWe also offer a commemorative tree planting service, with a placard announcing your message and our gratitude placed at each tree you sponsor in our expanding botanical learning garden for a donation of 50 US Dollars per tree.


Thank you for helping to save the Rainforest, the lungs of our planet Earth.