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Luz del Corazon

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Pricing and booking information

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Guided Tours

Farm Tour: 35$ per person includes lunch

Herb Tour: 35$ per person includes lunch

Waterfall Tour: 35$ per person includes bag lunch

Bird Tour: 35$ per person includes bag lunch

Night Hike Tour: 35 $ per person includes hot beverage and snack

Cacao Ceremony: 35 $ per person

Note: Some Workshops and tours have a minimum attendance to make it go, and are priced based on a few factors, ask for what you want and we can make it happen.


Rent the yoga deck for your event: 100$ per three hour period

Overnight Stays

Single bunk bed in dorm room in hostel: 30$ per person, includes breakfast (total of four beds available)

Private room with single bed and desk in hostel: 50 $ includes breakfast

Triple Room in hostel with three breakfasts: 75$

Riverside House (up to 4 people) 200$ – additional guests 30 $ each (No breakfasts with riverside house, meal plans and individual meals available)

Single enclosed hammock with breakfast: 25$

Overnight in the jungle: 150$ per person includes snack, dinner and breakfast

Individual Meals:


Vegetarian: 10 $

Omnivore: 12 $

Special Diets: 12 $


Vegetarian: 12 $

Omnivore: 15 $

Special Diets: 15 $


Vegetarian: 15 $

Omnivore: 18 $

Special Diets: 18 $

Meal Plans:

Breakfast and Dinner: 20$

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: 30$

*incl. beverage and taxes

*Special diets: gluten-free, vegan, keto, etc.

Healing and Spa Services

Traditional chinese medicine evaluation and treatment: 100$ first one

Subsequent  TCM sessions: 50$ each

Massage: 125$ per hour

Facials, body wraps & exfoliation, hot water immersion treatments and medical qi gong sessions and more priced per order, combination

Discounts available for overnight guests or a series of combined treatments.

Note: Prices do not include required governmental taxes 13% sales tax plus 10% gratuity tax – total 23% tax. Must sign permission waiver to participate in our tours and lodging.


Choose from a variety of unique lodging options, each designed to provide you with comfort, tranquility, and an intimate connection with nature. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of our eco-cabins, the luxury and privacy of our secluded tiny homes and bungalows, the shared experience of a hostel or the immersive experience of in a sleeping in a hammock in the rainforest or sleeping under the stars in our glamping yurts, we have accommodations to suit every preference and price point.

The Riverside Cottage
Triple room
Deluxe single room
Mixed dorm room

Event Center

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