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Healing Services

Embark on a transformative journey of personal and group healing at our serene Rainforest Nature Preserve in Costa Rica. Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, our retreats and day visits offer a sanctuary for rejuvenation, restoration, and holistic wellness. Immerse yourself in a world of ancient healing practices and therapeutic treatments, led by our renowned team of experts.

Personalized Healing Experiences:

Experience the power of personalized healing as our skilled therapists guide you on a path to wellness. Our primary therapist, a licensed acupuncturist and registered nurse, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every session. Specializing in the rare and potent Dr. Zhu Style scalp acupuncture, their treatments offer profound healing for a wide range of conditions, including pain management, neurological disorders, emotional imbalances or simply a tune up to restore your inner harmony.

Discover the ancient art of QiGong through group or personal lessons, where gentle movements, breathing techniques, and focused intention harmonize the flow of vital energy within your body. We also offer Medical Qi Gong treatments that conclude with personal instructions on QiGong techniques to treat the exact issues you want to resolve. Experience the benefits of acupuncture, an ancient Chinese practice that stimulates specific points on the body to promote balance and alleviate various ailments. Our dedicated herbalist offers on site grown and produced health & body care products and is also available to craft customized herbal treatments to complement your healing journey, harnessing the power of nature to support your well-being.

Therapeutic Treatments:

Indulge in a range of therapeutic treatments designed to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Surrender to the healing touch of our certified massage instructors as they skillfully release tension and restore balance through various techniques, such as Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, and reflexology. Enhance your relaxation with water immersion therapies, including soothing hydrotherapy baths and invigorating waterfall experiences, where the purifying properties of water rejuvenate your entire being.

Group Healing Retreats:

Join like-minded individuals on our group healing retreats, where collective energy amplifies the transformative power of the rainforest. Engage in group QiGong lessons, where the synergy of shared intention and movement fosters a deeper connection with nature, yourself and others. Participate in guided meditations, enlightening workshops and discussions, led by our expert team, to explore holistic wellness practices, ancient healing wisdom, and the integration of mind, body, and spirit. We offer a range of services including a wide range of healing retreats, spa style treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics, comprehensive support for medical tourism, an assisted living and hospice facility, and retirement relocation services. Our goal is to help our guests improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and to support them in achieving a better quality of life.

Meet Deepa: Your Expert in all things Healing and Nature

Deepa is a seasoned healthcare professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise across various disciplines. As a Registered Nurse, California State and USA National licensed acupuncturist, and herbalist, she brings a unique blend of Western and traditional Chinese medicine to her practice. With years of experience in emergency and recovery rooms, she has honed her skills in assessment, critical care and patient well-being.

Deepa’s commitment to education and holistic healing is evident in her impressive academic achievements. She holds a master’s degree in Medical Qi Gong and another in Traditional Chinese Medicine, demonstrating her dedication to providing the best possible care for her patients. She has years of experience as a professor of massage, herbalism, medical qi gong, western medicine and traditional chinese medicine in several educational facilities..

One of Deepa’s standout specializations is in the powerful technique of scalp acupuncture, a style developed by the renowned Dr. Ming Qing Zhu. This technique is highly sought after and taught only to those who are willing to seek out the master himself, who only takes students  after they have completed their education and licensure. Deepa’s proficiency in this style is a testament to her dedication to offering the most effective treatments available.

Aside from a large assortment of techniques from various traditions to facilitate profound transformation and healing, what sets Deepa apart is her exceptional diagnostic skills. She doesn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, she combines her diverse skill set and extensive knowledge to craft comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each person’s unique needs and goals. She is not the type to keep the knowledge in her pocket, asking you to come back over and over again.  In fact, Deepa freely shares all manner of tools to her clients, tools that will empower you to take charge of your body and health. Deepa’s ultimate desire is to enhance your wellness and guide you towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

Experience the difference with Deepa – a healthcare professional who is not only exceptionally skilled but deeply committed to your well-being.

Here is what a previous guest and Acupuncture client has to say about his three week stay with us:


from France

Deepa what can i say…. I’ve had such à wonderful experience at your place, the best way to get used to the Costa Rican lifestyle for the beginning of my travels. I’m so grateful to have lived this, what a remote place, away from civilization and in a deep connection with nature. I have felt  so much good energy here. I love your way of thinking, I especially remember you saying ” another day in paradise” in the morning and that True, I really felt it every morning. The little walks in the forest were amazing !! I really think that the rivers and waterfalls near your place are the best that I have ever seen. The acupuncture treatment was amazing, the more we do sessions the more good i feel. I really follow what you told me about the breathing and the colors of the jungle that i had to imagine go in my body. I definitely will remember that. I feel more confident and more powerful since we’ve done the treatment  I have felt the “chi” and you allow me to reconnect with my long-forgotten body. You’re such à good person and you really know how to make people comfortable, you definitely understand how volunteerism works and it really felt good to give my time and energy to your place. You allow people to live a typical life of the countryside of Costa Rica. And that’s wonderful.

Thanks for everything Deepa,