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Volunteer and learn with us

Become a vital part of our conservation efforts as a volunteer, where you’ll help maintain and grow our expansive tropical fruit and food forest orchard, boasting over 2000 trees. Additionally, immerse yourself in hands-on sustainable agriculture projects, including greenhouse cultivation and crop development. Care for our ducks and chickens while gaining valuable skills in animal husbandry, with plans underway to revive our tilapia and hydroponic program.

Exciting future projects include harnessing renewable energy with our hydroelectric pelton wheel system and implementing an animal waste methane collection system. As you contribute to these initiatives, you’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of Costa Rica, where encounters with local wildlife add to the adventure.

Your suggested $20 daily donation supports our ongoing projects and ensures a fulfilling experience for all volunteers. Ready to join us on this extraordinary journey of conservation and discovery?

Secure your spot now and be part of creating a sustainable future in the heart of Costa Rica!

Here’s what our volunteers have to say:

Lea & Timothée


We had an amazing experience at the finca! We stayed there for three weeks, but we would have loved to stay even longer. There are many different things to do. We worked both in the fields (harvesting frijoles, planting tomatoes, and flowers) and in wood construction (built our own chairs from scratch). The work was both difficult but rewarding, and we had still had a lot of free time.

The accommodation was very nice. The food provided was great (with eggs, beans, and fruits from the farm) and the kitchen is well-equipped.

The farm is huge and is surrounded by jungle that belongs to the Rincon de la Vieja national park with a lot of animals, vegetation, and waterfalls.



A great experience on the finca overall! It was a quiet time (semana santa) when I was there but perfect to find some peace and spend time in nature, seeing lots of animals and perfect sunset clouds over the mountains every evening. Deepa and the volunteers spent many great moments working and just hanging out.



I stayed for three weeks on the farm and worked mostly in carpentry and a bit of tree-planting. Staff members supervised me in construction, which was truly an interesting experience. They helped me to improve my Spanish as well.

I enjoyed staying in a remote place like this, hanging out with other backpackers and locals, exploring the nature around, birdwatching, and cooking with the fruits and vegetables from the farm.

I would totally recommend it and hope to return one day!