Granja Integral
Luz del Corazon

Sustainability, Community, Diversity, Compassion, and Innovation


At Granja Integral Luz del Corazon, we invite you to embark on a day of discovery and enrichment through our range of captivating day visits and tours. Dive into the heart of sustainable farming with our Regenerative Organic Farm Tour, where you’ll witness firsthand the magic of nurturing the land and savor the bounties it yields.

We can arrange horse back riding, hot springs, national park tours and many others by request.

Expand your knowledge and skills through our diverse workshops, including Jun making, crafting fermented bioles for your home gardens, herbal medicine from seed to finished product, exploring the simple yet profound practices of a five element  Medical QiGong flow, and deepening your meditation practice with guided visualizations and instruction. Each workshop offers a unique opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Experience a culinary journey like no other at our farm-to-table restaurant, where the flavors of the rainforest come alive on your plate. Indulge in delectable dishes crafted from the freshest organic produce, harvested just steps away from our kitchen.

Contact us today to schedule your event, and any tour/ workshop can be included in your group or private retreat package- just ask, we are here to guide your experience to a level beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or knowledge, our day visits and tours promise a day filled with wonder and enrichment in the heart of nature. Join us on a journey of connection and transformation. Consider an overnight visit for the full experience.

Overnight options

Explore the diverse lodging options and immersive experiences waiting for you at Granja Integral Luz del Corazon. Our original farm house now serves as a hostel-style building offering a range of accommodations, including a room with two bunk beds, a private room with a single bed and desk, and a spacious triple room with a double bed and a single bed in bunk bed format – each with shared bathroom facilities.

For those seeking a more secluded and luxurious retreat, our private riverside bungalow awaits. Complete with a queen bed in the bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a private wood-fired hot tub on the extensive covered decks offering serene rainforest and garden views, an office space, and two comfortable sofa beds, it’s a haven of privacy and tranquility. Available for short or long term rent, this is one of our popular guest options.

Both housing options include the possibility of reserving a meal cooked to order from our farm to table restaurant, or the option to buy a meal plan with your reservation.

All of our facilities are available for booking online via the usual outlets ( booking and airBnB) , however if you book directly with us you will get the best pricing and package offers.

Retreat & Event Center

Nestled within our lush rainforest surroundings, our event center provides an enchanting backdrop for your gatherings. Our large covered wooden deck offers breathtaking views of the rainforest and the serene sounds of the nearby spring and river, setting the stage for a truly immersive and tranquil experience. Here, you and your guests can unwind in hammocks, practice yoga, meditation or Qigong, or even tackle your work as a digital nomad in a setting that inspires creativity and productivity. We do offer to rent out the deck for your private event in intervals of three hours at a time.

Our event center is your canvas for creating memorable gatherings that align with your unique vision. Whether you’re planning a wedding celebration, a rainforest research field study , a tree planting event, a personal or group healing focused retreat, or any other retreat/event of your desires, our versatile space and team are here to accommodate your needs. We offer a range of event & retreat assistance services, all of our offerings are available to be incorporated into your event.

Your vision is our mission, and we’re here to help you manifest it. Let our event and retreat center serve as the canvas for your dreams, and allow us to assist you in crafting an unforgettable retreat experience for everyone.

No question is too small, Please contact us to plan your ideal event.

Farm to table restaurant

Our lush regenerative organic farm serves as the heart and soul of our culinary philosophy. Here, we cultivate a diverse and vibrant array of tropical fruits, herbs and vegetables, all nurtured with love and grown in harmony with nature. Our farming techniques ensure that our farm products are of the highest quality, bursting with flavor and nutritional value.

Indulge in farm-fresh culinary masterpieces tailored to your tastes and dietary preferences by our talented team. Let us craft unforgettable meals that nourish both body and soul, ensuring every bite is a delight.

Savor the exclusive farm-to-table experience reserved for our cherished day and overnight guests. Let us tantalize your taste buds with our meticulously crafted meals, tailored to your preferences and dietary needs. Delight in the rare gem of Jun tea, lovingly infused with organic ingredients grown right here on our premises, offering a refreshing and health-boosting elixir like no other.

Reserve your meals now to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the essence of sustainable, organic dining and nourishes both body and soul.

Tours for nature enthusiasts

Embark on immersive guided hikes through lush waterfalls and bird-watching havens, led by knowledgeable guides who unveil the secrets of our vibrant ecosystem. As night falls, join our enchanting Night Hikes to discover the serenity of the rainforest under moonlight and encounter its nocturnal inhabitants. Dive deeper into nature with our farm and herbal tours, unveiling the secrets behind our abundant healing products, and immerse yourself in the art of transforming cacao during our Cacao Experience.

Join us for a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, a spiritual journey through the heart-opening essence of cacao, made even more magical by the energy of the land where it’s grown. Experience the rare and cherished connection between nature and spirit with us. Reserve your spot now for an unforgettable adventure!