Finca Luz Del Corazon – Nature Preserve & Organic Farm


Our Mission is to actively demonstrate  Reverence for Mother Earth and All her Living Beings by developing an Inclusive Permaculture based Sustainable Community, which honors Diversity, respects the Land,  preserves the Watershed and the Rainforest  Ecological System, while serving the Larger Community, both Locally and Internationally through our Healthcare, Educational, Humanitarian, and Entrepreneurial Endeavors.



Our community is a living, breathing, replicating example of living lightly on the Earth. Reproduction occurs via our educational center and workshops. Together we are revitalizing a sense of place, of community, of local landscapes, and of sustainable resources for both local and international use.

Our basic tenets are:

Strong Land Relationships: We strive to exemplify a  gentler, more respectful relationship with the land. Ranging from reducing impact on the land through organic permaculture systems, alternative energy sources, and sharing tools and vehicles,  thus eliminating duplication. For many, the relationship with the land is more spiritual, delving into the inter-connectivity of  all life and consciousness. As Luz del Corazon holds over 85 acres of pristine rainforest, we have many opportunities to protect, preserve, explore and learn about the land, the rainforest  and its natural inhabitants.

  Strong Community Relationships: Wealth is measured in strong relationships with others in community and yields security, safety, and spiritual connection. Developing equitable, inclusive forums for effective communication and conflict transformation is one aspect of our community-building process. We also meet regularly with local government officials to discuss how we can work together to improve life for area residents.

  • Economic Security:There is an ever increasing threat of global economic  collapse, making living in Cities and other artificial environments less stable.  Luz del Corazon will be self sustaining, producing its own food, power and water.  The land itself is so abundant that we have economic security living on a vital productive parcel on this earth, especially with the addition of the organic tropical fruit orchards and gardens.
  • Holistic & Natural End of Life Care:  Luz del Corazon Farm will be building an in-patient Acupuncture Center, and an Assisted Living and Hospice Residential Center, incorporating principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine with a deep respect for nature. This will be an innovative place where individuals are allowed to live as they desire, with partners and pets. Though there are a growing number of intentional, sustainable communities being developed in Costa Rica, this possibly will be the first one with an integrative residential health care setting in this geographical area.
  • Greater Security from Global Instability:We are building a self-sufficient community designed to survive a global economic collapse, with little effect upon our residents. We are working to provide maximum resources, tools, and knowledge within our local geographic area to have all our needs met. In addition to our own food and water supply (and other basic necessities), we are developing and expanding a health care delivery system that has assisted in optimal health for its participants for thousands of years.
  • Balance Between Interconnectivity and Self-Sufficiency:  We can create our own individual paradise on our homesite, and when we feel like being around others we have the community gardens, orchards, meditation garden and community center to connect with others.

As agents of change, we are committed to reverence and respect for all of creation via our foundations in non-violence; equality; wholism; effective communication and conflict transformation; a deep connection with the land; learning and capacity for personal development; building a sense of security, self-sufficiency, belonging, and a respect for differences.