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Luz del Corazon

Sustainability, Community, Diversity, Compassion, and Innovation

Life is delightful and rustic on the finca.  After feeding the animals we often begin our day with a QiGong routine and of course delicious Costa Rican coffee.  The homestead life is based  in an old Tico home with three bedrooms, a large covered patio and a kitchen.   This Summer we plan to collect many glass bottles and hope to begin construction of a recycled bottle home.  We cook on a propane stove and the fire, and we keep our food cool  with ice filled coolers.


The farm provides much of our dietary needs, with more being harvested and added almost daily.  We often enjoy a “refresco natural” of farm harvested fruit mixed in water in the middle of the day.  We do not have any electrical wires from “the grid” coming to the farm.  We do have a small solar system and a cook stove that generates some electricity, and we are hoping to install  a hydroelectric system soon.  We are deeply grateful to our local neighbors and workers for helping to provide  ice and for charging cell phones and electrical equipment.

harvesting cacao

photo 1Pictured to the left is one of the bedrooms with an elevated “bunk” style bed.  Also available are several fully enclosed hammocks that people use in the bedrooms and on the patio.

The farm has abundant spring water, two showers, and two toilets. One is a  composting toilet and the other is a standard flush toilet whose septic system meets US EPA standards.





We often spend evenings around the campfire, sharing, planning, reflecting, singing, listening to music and talks,  roasting marshmallows and meditating.





We have a large greenhouse, a duck yard with a small pond, a chicken house & yard and a corral/work area.  squashmay16We also have dogs and cats who enjoy free roam of the forest, orchards and work areas on the farm.  We would like to  add a tilapia pond, hydroelectric system and goats this Summer.  We are also working on  a composting system that will heat water and  an animal waste methane capture system for cooking use.

downward dog, with props
downward dog, with props