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Luz del Corazon

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Rain Forest Lodge, Volcano Hot Springs & Beach  + 3 tours in one Week!

just a short hike from the kitchen and you can swim and play here!

I have secured some amazing connections over the years and now am honored to be able to share them with you. You will feel like you are in a miracle world filled with double rainbows.

We will start the class Sunday night in a quaint off the beaten path Rain Forest Lodge on Rincon de La Veija mountain, outside of Liberia.  Here we will meet over fresh cooked dinner and have a little class time while we settle in.  This place is famous for its delicious food and friendly atmosphere, from the fresh cheese and juices to the  homemade tortillas all  made on site and cooked  on a wood stove makes a tasty filling meal.

After exploring the Mountain Rain Forest with a horse back ride, a water fall hike and a Tasty Tour of a Sustainable Cacao Farm, we will tour a cute  villages’ stores and pharmacy and then begin our exploration of an active volcano caldera with hot springs, mud baths, sauna and lovely cabins .

hike around in the active caldera, enjoying the sights and smells

We will spend one night here, learning, playing and relaxing before heading off to the beach!  On the way to the beach we will tour a hospital  and learn about the different health care options here.

Then its Sunset on the beach, learning and enjoying all the fun things in this popular beach town, Samara.  Our hotel has a pool to play in, as the ocean water is quite warm and will not serve to cool you down.  This town has a restaurant on the beach with  the best vegetarian burgers I have ever had.  If folks want, we can have a meal there!  I can make arrangements to stay longer if you want, get you in surfing lessons or guide you to other amazing places.  Just ask!

Making trails to new adventures

For your 699$ lodging fee I am offering 6 nights lodging, ( double occupancy or more)  one horse back tour, one cacao tour, a farm tour with a waterfall hike, 6 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners, transportation between lodges and activities, and taxes.  There are some optional fun things we can do too, the flexibility is endless. We can all join together for dinner at the hot springs  (they have cooking facilities but no dinner offered in the restaurant), and eat out the rest of the time, together on your own dime.  This amazing price does not include alcoholic drinks either, sorry ( I recommend getting a bottle at the duty free and buying mixers in the grocery stores).  With the lodging separate from the class, you are able to bring along friends and loved ones to enjoy the time off and all the tours with you.  This is a great learning vacation, one that you will remember fondly for years to come ( I have had several repeat customers over my years of doing this)