Welcome to Luz Del Corazon

photo 4Bienvenido a Luz del Corazon, welcome to light of the heart. Lightening the heart and expanding my potential have been the overarching themes of my life. It expresses itself through love and compassion, for people and the planet. This page is a place where I can share with you how my love, compassion and expanding potential are manifesting and being made available to the world.

I have always had a fascination with Biology, both in the human body and the natural world. I have spent my life learning both, and now I am sharing my learning and love with others. For the human body, I’ve studied and worked as a Registered Nurse, Acupuncturist, and herbalist, massage therapist, intuitive energy healer, dietary advisor and associate professor. I have studied with one of the most famous Acupuncturists in the world, and have developed a useful skill in Dr. Ming Quing Zhu style scalp Acupuncture. For the planet I have studied Biology & Ecology, organic gardening, permaculture, animal husbandry and numerous other associated topics including sustainability practices.

Now I combine these two passions into my main life activities. I offer personal & group healing and educational retreats in the natural beauty of Costa Rica. After obtaining continuing education provider certification in 2009, at least annually I offer a Medical Spanish course to improve communication between providers and receivers of health care. I have a host of other educational offerings including Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health as adjuncts to personal health and healthcare professionals education. I have been invited as a guest lecturer at Botanical Arts colleges; Oncology nurses associations and traveling nurse conventions.  In the arena of healing retreats I can offer a mix of healing modalities and education for individuals and groups with similar or different illness manifestations.

I am also deeply involved with rainforest preservation and sustainability projects in Costa Rica. With the Carbon levels rising and species going extinct at an alarming rate, preservation of the lungs of the planet while demonstrating alternatives to its destruction is another manifestation of my compassion for the Earth. As Costa Rica has 0.03% of the Earth’s land mass and 3% of its biodiversity, plus having more land held in nature preserve than any other country on earth, I chose to focus my efforts there. I work with individuals, groups an universities to offer a wide array of activities and programs, from guided rainforest hikes, educational botanical gardens and research programs to sustainable living and organic farming internships and workshops.

I invite you to delve deeply into this website, to learn more about the Luz del Corazon offerings and mission. Perhaps you too will be inspired to expand your potential, learn some new skills and shower the planet and its inhabitants with your love and compassion.